I am Elisabeth Andrék - perfumer and glass designer, founder of the House of Atropa brand. 

*This brand, and all products, were created by my own from scratch, from logo to site construction. No sponsors, no promoters were involved. If you want to support this project, just let me know in contacts via email:) Thank you:)

...I've always lacked some... oddity in the fragrances that I could get my hands on. That's why I created my own brand - House of Atropa. I love glass, ice, crystals... Everything, which is transparent and sparkling. And I am inspired by the works of René Lalique. Therefore, I decided to cut the bottles from glass for my perfume by myself. I use optical solid glass. I also work with uranium glass from a certified Czech manufacturer, whose products have been tested and are absolutely safe. However, I managed to make the composition of the perfume itself glow in neon! Also, I create glass jewelry :)

Inspired by Asia and its exotic plants, I was looking for fragrances with unusual natural ingredients. I began to search for ways to extract exotic plants. Of course, with the help of certified producers of absolutes and essential oils in Asia. But! I didn't want to create non-wearable "art objects"! The idea is to make strange, and even little ugly, beautiful and attractive, new and unusual, but preserving and reimagining the beautiful traditions of the past in a visual aspect. House of Atropa is not a mass production, but rather for those who, like me, love to look at beautiful objects and explore something unusual. This is a combination of vintage and cutting edge fashion, weird and desirable. At the same time repulsive and unbearably attractive...
The transparency and brilliance of glass, or on the contrary its milky nebula, or a poisonous neon glow - will tell you what's inside: fresh and piercing, languid and obscure, bright and bold - but always unusual and surprising:)